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SHBS活动|学术沙龙:“超级玩家” Academic Salon: \"Super Players\"

发布者:上海宏润博源 2024-05-21 08:22:32

2024年5月6日,SHBS第一届学术沙龙活动圆满举行。本次沙龙以“Super player:Science, Humanities, Arts and Society”为主题,旨在通过学术讨论和交流,探索游戏与科学、人文、艺术以及社会之间的关系。

On May 6, 2024, the first SHBS Academic Salon was successfully held. The theme of this salon was "Super Player: Science, Humanities, Arts, and Society," aiming to explore the relationship between games and science, humanities, arts, and society through academic discussions and exchanges.


The event began with opening remarks by the hosts, Lavn Xie and Jenny Lou, who introduced the theme and purpose of the academic salon. Subsequently, the academic host, Charles Wang, announced the rules of the meeting and invited students from the social and humanities groups to the stage for viewpoints and Q&A sessions.


The students in the social studies group discussed the various impacts of games on societal development, including the cultivation of social, communication, and teamwork skills, as well as influences on societal values. Frank Fan the math teacher believes that the primary reason for adolescents' addiction to electronic games lies in their attempt to fill the void of value and belongingness in their hearts. To truly address these issues, it is necessary to delve into the root causes. The second law of thermodynamics, known as the law of entropy increase, offers a model to explain the progression of things towards disorder and destruction. Examples from daily life, such as not tidying up rooms and excessive immersion in electronic games, serve as evidence. Additionally, every game will eventually cease operation, hence adolescents should utilize the positive aspects of gaming correctly and avoid excessive addiction.


Continuing, students from the humanities group shared their insights on the relationship between games and humanities disciplines. They emphasized the importance of games as an art form and the impact of games on the inheritance and shaping of human culture and values. Ray Wu provided feedback on the humanities group's viewpoints. He raised questions: What kind of thinking do developers express behind the design of martial arts, fantasy, and cultivation games? What kind of social trends do they reflect today? How is this related to the popularity of martial arts novels in the 1980s? These intriguing questions sparked even deeper discussions.


The students from the art group discussed their understanding of the relationship between games and art. They explored the uniqueness of games as an artistic medium and the impact of artistic elements such as music and visuals on the gaming experience. Will Liu mentioned that the development of game music is crucial for future school choices. More and more universities are offering majors like game music, game production, sound design, and sound effects production. Investment in the game music industry is increasing, with many Chinese game companies offering generous compensation to game musicians. Compared to traditional music production, the prospects for game music production are broader. Many game music companies are also generous in their support for music creators. Therefore, considering the field of game music may be a good choice for students selecting majors.

最后,科学组的同学分享了他们对游戏与科学的关系的研究成果。他们讨论了游戏对人类认知能力、逻辑思维和问题解决能力的培养的积极影响,以及游戏在科学研究中的应用。朱老师提到,游戏技术包括多个方面,其中物理引擎是其中之一,它可以在虚拟环境中模拟各种物理现象,如光线的折射、反射以及各种碰撞等。此外,游戏的核心在于交互,游戏技术的发展也推动着现实世界科技的进步。许多硬件的发展都源自游戏技术的推动,比如用于VR、AR等设备的显示设备Micro LED,旨在在更小的面积上呈现更亮、更精细的图像。朱老师鼓励学生,不仅要享受游戏,还要思考游戏是如何实现的,多思考游戏背后的逻辑和技术。

In the end, the students from the science group shared their research findings on the relationship between games and science. They discussed the positive impact of games on human cognitive abilities, logical thinking, and problem-solving skills, as well as the application of games in scientific research. Davy Zhu mentioned that game technology includes various aspects, among which the physics engine is one; it can simulate various physical phenomena in virtual environments, such as refraction and reflection of light, as well as various collisions. In addition, the core of games lies in interaction, and the development of game technology also drives the advancement of real-world technology. Many hardware developments originate from the advancement of game technology, such as Micro LED display devices used in VR, AR, and other devices, which are designed to present brighter and finer images on a smaller area. Teacher Zhu encouraged students not only to enjoy games but also to think about how games are implemented, and to consider the logic and technology behind games.


In addition to the core academic sessions, David Kong shared his insights and experiences about games and his life, demonstrating his growth and achievements in games.


During the free debate session, all participants actively asked and answered questions, with students both on and off the stage actively participating in the discussions. The freedom and openness of this session provided a broad platform for intellectual exchange.


Finally, the hosts, Jenny Lou and Lavn Xie, concluded the academic part of the event and announced the start of the award session. Awards were given for the best on-site performance, best conference management, and best guidance.


Through this event, students delved into the relationship between games and science, humanities, arts, and society, broadening their horizons and enhancing their understanding of games. It was not only an academic exchange but also an exercise and enhancement of students' comprehensive abilities. By actively participating in discussions, asking questions, and answering questions, students cultivated critical thinking and communication skills. Furthermore, the event strengthened cooperation and teamwork among students. Through group discussions and debates, students collectively thought, cooperated in writing papers, and enhanced their teamwork and collaboration skills. Through the integration and interaction with different disciplines, students also gained more comprehensive and diverse viewpoints and ways of thinking.

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